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This tag is for questions specific to upvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content was clear and helpful. Up-votes on the meta sites may have different meanings.

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2 answers

Accepting without upvoting

What could be the reason for accepting an answer but not upvoting it? Situations: Accepting own answer - ok, no upvote on self-answers OP not having 15 reputation cannot upvote. I think that OP ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How should I interpret upvotes when I get no other responses?

In this question, I posted a complete script. I got four upvotes, but no reviews, even partial ones. I wouldn't assume that my code is perfect (especially since I pointed out some things I don't like ...
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19 votes
7 answers

Is it too easy getting upvotes?

I'm trying to be an active member of Code Review (though I'm only good in some aspects of .Net) and it seems that upvotes are way easier to get here than on StackOverflow (for example). I've seen ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Are we blind upvoting answers based on answerer reputation or are my answers no good?

Admittedly, Objective-C isn't very popular on Code Review. There certainly aren't a whole lot of answerers. I am basically the only regular Objective-C answerer. I'd like to think that my answers to ...
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15 votes
6 answers

Blind upvoting of posts on Code Review

On Code Review, I've noticed that there is a blind upvoting of posts. People judge the question by the heading, not by the effort. Is this a proper way of upvoting posts?
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23 votes
3 answers

What criteria do you use to upvote a question?

This site is very unique in that 2 people can't come and say I had the same problem, since all questions have working code. Having said that, I see a lot of answerers not upvoting the questions they ...
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