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It means that the system has noticed that you meet one of the requirements for this tag, but you haven't been awarded the tag yet. If you click on it it says: Note the need positive question record. You have three deleted questions with 0 or less score. You just need to continue asking good questions and you will be awarded this badge eventually. ...


Every graduated Stack Exchange site has their own. Our story is here on the design announcement meta - basically the badge icons are part of the customizable things each site gets to pick as their design is being finalized - we settled on curly braces because, well, they're more code-like than the originally-suggested design:


In order for a tag to qualify for tag badges, it must be applied to at least 100 questions. So far, vba has only 69 total questions.


The author of jQuery resizable plugin had their account merged with another yesterday. During a merge, the badges are moved over/re-awarded and they can appear with a different creation date as a result. "no comments" is one of the requirements for the badge, so Creation of a list of 1000 items with Backbone became eligible once the comments were deleted ...


Upvotes can be reversed, under certain conditions. Most likely your post reached 10 score at some point, and then one of the upvoters undid an upvote, bringing it back to 9. The badge must have been awarded while you still had 10 score. Once awarded, badges remain forever. This is most likely what happened, and there is no bug. As you were awarded the ...


The text is ambiguous. Contrast the following two readings: Answer a, question with score of 1 or more. Answer a question, with score of 1 or more. However a "teacher" is normally the person who gives knowledge to others. As such; the second reading, where your answer is the subject, is the correct reading. You also got awarded for the second.


How to get Legendary badge - rather, the way I did it.... In case you were wondering what it took to get that badge, you are, in part, right about the timing - it was a "good time" to get upvotes - but that is/was not the only factor. Let me explain what it took to get that badge, and why it is the one I am most proud of. I joined Code Review just ...


Why would you want the badges? Rep-capping, getting 200 reputation in a day, is a lot of effort. Doing that for 200 days is an even greater effort. That's around 2/3 of a year! The presence of a cap on the amount of reputation you can get incentivizes you to not hit the cap. If you go past the cap then you get 'nothing' from your upvotes. Why do something ...


At the moment we are not going to implement this because evaluating the content of each edit to determine only the significant ones would generate 3 times the SQL load for little gain. We've found a way (kudos Nick Craver) to implement this more efficiently and it will be rolled out in the next deployment. Old awarded badges will not be revoked.


This applies to all sites, not just CR. I don't know exactly why this is done, but I do know that there are still unobtainable badges listed on Meta.


CR's problem isn't with the answers-per-question ratio, it's low votes => not enough hi-rep users. So this post should be status-declined. Maybe a set of badges could encourage voting, but we already have: Supporter First up vote (7.7K awarded) Suffrage Used 30 votes in a day (51 awarded) Vox Populi Used the maximum 40 votes in a day (38 awarded) ...


I did catch your MSO post, and I sort of agree with them being too easy to obtain. For starters, it's very likely that the OP will upvote the answer (unless he/she lacks the rep). It'd even be worse if the OP hasn't judged the answer's quality but just decided to upvote it anyway. I'd at least increase the score to about 3 or 5, which will ensure that ...

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