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Should the "new questions" feed be made into a drop-down feed instead of one-boxing feed?

Keep the one-boxing user-like feed This is how it works at the time of this writing. The RSS feed receives new questions every few minutes (usually around 10-15 minutes it seems), and posts each ...
12 votes

Is 2nd Monitor too strict with which conversations are deemed okay?

I really feel like point 4 of @Rolfl's Chat Policy is what gives way to what has been happening. When conversation starts to get way off-topic, then the messages are moved to keep other users from ...
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10 votes

Is 2nd Monitor too strict with which conversations are deemed okay?

IMO the rules/guidelines are good like they are. I usually (like most regulars) have a browser tab open for the second monitor chat. If I am away from my desk and I see wow in the last 30 minutes ...
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9 votes

Rubberduck is growing out of SE chat

Done. Rubberduck played a big role in the history of Code Review. If the links ever change, make sure you update your question so people can still find the way.
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9 votes

Where's the auto-move-to-chat link?

This is mostly just a misunderstanding in how the move to chat link works. It's not so simple as merely "lots of comments on a post". That comment chain was essentially one person leaving ...
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2 votes

Announcement: New chat room CRCQR

The progress so far... This room has been ongoing for a little more than two days now. In this time, there's been 24 requests to close and 1 request to reopen. Some questions had comments that were ...
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