Thank you for calling us out on this. From my perspective One would think that after 3352 CV reviews a user in the review queues should know what he or she is doing. I admit that I was the fifth reviewer and I came into it, seeing that it had: 1 CV for missing context 2 votes for migration I.I.R.C. 1 vote for needs more detail. Regretfully I didn't fully ...


There is something to be said about handling questions that get resurfaced "organically" vs. actively seeking out older questions and flagging / closing them. Since this question was surfaced by an edit (albeit one that was triggered through some tool assistance), I would want to evaluate the question according to the current standards. It's not ...


Just vote to close I don't see a compelling historical value to this question. So no need to lock and keep; just treat it the same as any newer question.

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