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3 votes

MathJax is really eager to be applied to posts

Begin and end work outside of math mode The dollar signs are not the only delimiters that MathJax looks for. Because environments like \begin{align}...\end{align} ...
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3 votes

Stop focusing editor when clicking "run code snippet"

You can stop this in two ways. To get the code to run on all pages automatically you can convert these to userscript manager scripts. Disable the onclick events on the preview. ...
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3 votes

Non-HTTPS, wrong hostname links in sidebar

I've updated the links to use HTTPS and the correct URL format for this meta site. Thanks for the heads-up!
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3 votes

Warn if question is tagged with [python-3.x] but not [python]

After discussing this internally, we've decided to pass on adding explicit support for dependent tags at this time. Creating nested categories is certainly a legitimate way to organize content, but ...
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2 votes

Make the Codeblock detection less aggressive

The codeblock detection that you ran into has been active on Code Review since 2011. If the documentation for that particular check is still up to date, the following restrictions apply: This check ...
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