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We rely on external scripts for everything. Seriously - if you block all 3rd-party scripts, just about every page on the site will error out and you'll be stuck using the script-free fallbacks, at least where they exist. I'm not gonna judge you if you want to block 3rd-party scripts. That's a personal decision, and if you're satisfied you have good reason ...


Java is my standard language, but, for formatting code to put here, this is typically what I do, depending on where I am... For example, someone posts a question to Stack Overflow, and the indenting/formatting is horrible.... First, I edit the post, then select the code that needs indenting/fixing. Type CtrlX to cut it, then: Using Eclipse: AltTab to ...


I looked into what does the SE version of prettify.js actually do. Turns out, its list of C# keywords starts like this (only with minified names): var CSHARP_KEYWORDS = [JAVA_KEYWORDS, "as,base,by,checked,decimal,delegate,descending,dynamic,event," + … This list is from an old version of prettify, the current version starts like this (the relevant change ...


Tabs to Spaces Online Converter There's a (web)app for everything. In this case thanks to Anders Åberg, who was thoughtful enough to even include a feature for adding four additional spaces to the beginning (to generate a markdown code block).


This has been addressed on Meta.StackExchange back in 2009 with no sign of a change in layout. Can SO have a fluid vs. fixed-width layout? To quote Shog9♦: The primary designs are all based around a fixed layout; reworking them is not feasible. This certainly doesn't preclude the use of fluid layouts for other designs. For instance, mobile practically ...


I've updated the links to use HTTPS and the correct URL format for this meta site. Thanks for the heads-up!


Using vim Select the code, and paste it in to an empty vim terminal/screen. Enter the following sequence: :set ts=4 :set expandtab :retab Select the code out again.


Using Microsoft Word Paste the code (extra text is okay) and place the cursor at the beginning Open Find and Replace Enter ^t into the Find field Enter the desired number of spaces into the Replace field Click on Replace All Replace the old text in the editor with this fixed text This image is from Word 2010 and may differ from other versions.


After discussing this internally, we've decided to pass on adding explicit support for dependent tags at this time. Creating nested categories is certainly a legitimate way to organize content, but the system was designed around ad hoc tagging methods, so we've always resisted building and enforcing tagging hierarchies. Certainly, you are free to create ...


A possible solution to improve code readability by allowing larger widths is to use an extension that changes the layout a little bit. The following works in Google Chrome (thanks to this post), but I think it can be ported to other browsers. The extension enlarges the left column and also allows answer text-area to be horizontally resized. Other elements ...


Some programs to do this have been submitted for review, so you might be able to use one of them: java: Tool for creating CodeReview questions shell: Shell script for creating CR questions javascript: Tool for automatically correcting indentation and formatting of CR & SO code This last one is also on JSFiddle

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