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20 votes

How can I make my question get more attention?

This is a common problem on Code Review, as we have plenty of unanswered questions. While you are waiting for a review, and to increase the probability that your question will be answered sooner, ...
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7 votes

Checklist for how to write a good Code Review question

The number one most important thing you can do is: Explain what your code is supposed to do! All too often, questions on Code Review look like this, and are simply impossible to answer. This is a ...
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2 votes

First Post Review Queue — what is it? Why is it a bad idea to click "No Action Needed"?

In 2021 the First posts queue was split into two queues: First Questions and First Answers. The options are slightly different - now there are four radio buttons, the last of which is disabled until ...
2 votes

How to post a follow-up question?

Everything that Simon wrote. Additionally, you can help readers of the original question find your improved version: Include a link to the original question. This will ensure that each question ...
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