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There's no rule against code that is not in textual format. The only tricky rule to comply with is the requirement to embed the code directly in the question itself. If you use the image Stack Exchange imgur hosting service, I think that should satisfy the requirement.


Don't see why Scratch wouldn't be allowed. Go for it.


Your question here suggests that there is a problem with hosting images that are not on "placeholder" services... I'm not sure how it was obtained and what is the background. As some other images that show up around. My question: Should we allow those? So, first up, what's wrong with having images that are not on 'placeholder' systems? Copying an ...


Well, certain topics, such as computational-geometry, couldn't reasonably be discussed without inline images. Here's a blatant plug for my favourite example. I would say that the XKCD Bobby Tables cartoon is relevant and contributes meaningfully to your answer. If the cartoon makes it just a bit more likely that a programmer somewhere will remember your ...

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