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Do people read other reviews for learning?

So as a mod I have access to some statistics on where traffic for our site comes from. A bit of this information can also be accessed by 25k users. Let's have a bit of a look at some of that data. ...
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Should I answer my own question with the improved code?

Looking at our iterative review meta post: Posting a self-answer If you want to show everyone how you improved your code, but don't want to ask another question, then post an answer to ...
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10 votes

Do people read other reviews for learning?

Yes: In fact, I am doing it right now. It is very useful to learn different viewpoints and ideas from other people.
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5 votes

Self-accepting own answer when competing answers exist

In recent discussions about Low Quality answers in the Low Quality Queue it was said that a code dump is not a review, and therefore not an acceptable answer. By Mat's Mug Meaning that the ...
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Add a link as an answer to myself

It is fine to post external links with a description of the contents, but the description is important because sometimes external links become 404s, and the answer becomes useless if it didn't ...
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Add a link as an answer to myself

All answers should contain at least one insightful remark about the code. So if you propose to post an answer which only contains a link, a description/summary and a "this is relevant to understand ...
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