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May I post a question whose code is written in a programming language about which nothing exists in Code Review Stack Exchange?

Yes, as long as it's clearly a programming language, and not purely configuration or markup. From your description of Asymptote, it sounds that it is fine in this respect. As a new user (less than ...
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Formatted C++ code is outdated for current standard

The language syntax highlighting used in Code Review (normally) comes from the language tag set on the post. This is one of the reasons we have only one language tag per post. The language syntax ...
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JavaScript concepts applying to JSX posts

The entire JavaScript ecosystem is a mess, because you have languages built on-top of other languages, with subsets of those languages it's a mess. As we know JavaScript is a language, but it is also ...
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Creating a new tag for Alloy

I have created the alloy tag for you. Please make sure to fill the void in the tag's-description.
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