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Yes This seems like a good idea. I can understand why the confusion happens when compared with Stack Overflow. Additionally, the revision history on the tag itself on Code Review shows that the tag always said that the x86-64 alias is reasonable. Unfortunately, only those people who have a score of at least 5 in the actual tag involved are allowed to suggest ...


One-off tags are automatically deleted after six months, according to the answer I got here on Meta Stack Exchange. So unless somebody else uses the tag meanwhile, there's no need to take action.


Option 1 Create new tags.


Given the data: I found 84 hits on "deep clone", 397 hits on "deep copy" That suggests you should create deep-copy. You should be able to suggest deep-clone as a synonym, once the first exists. Please be gentle when adding the new tag to existing questions - try not to swamp the "active questions" list, because doing so can ...


This has now been done through edits by Mast and the moderator tools for tag handling :)


This needs moderator intervention This is because hash-set -> hash-table exists. And since map -> hash-map exists, we can't synonym hash-map -> hash-table/dictionary either.


Yes, let's merge these - probably into hash-map, as that's the one with most questions (by only a small margin). I've copied the useful stuff from hash-table into it in readiness for the merge. Definitely yes to the synonym once it's done. (I don't understand why this question is status-completed; did it somehow get discompleted in the intervening years?)

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