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I looked through the major SE sites and their logos and noticed they're quite minimalistic. So I grabbed my sketch blog and a pen. This is what I came up with: Update 1 No more beta-blue Better angles for the breaks, so people actually figure out what the letters may be. :~) Update 2 Based retailcoder's T-Shirt question Update 3 Another T-Shirt ...


I'm thinking of a more sober design, something like this:


First of all I really like kleinfreund's magnifying glass idea. However I think, that as programmers.SE has a logo that is not that serious, even a little funny, the coffee mug, the same could apply to codereview.SE. So what do you think about the famous code reviewing rubber duck? I am by no means a graphics designer, so please evaluate this only as an ...


Code block formatting @JeroenVannevel posted in The 2nd Monitor a screen capture from someone's IDE and code that I think looks really sharp and sexy, and makes code reading easier on the eyes: Or maybe at least make it look like one of the popular IDEs (Visual Studio shown): Compare to our current code blocks: That brown-turquoise-on-grey just isn't ...


Colors I may get lynched for this, but "beta blue" has become part of our identity after being in beta for so long. I personally like the the idea of keeping just a splash of it around. It shouldn't be the primary color, but it would be a nice accent. I really like some of the logos kleinfreund came up with, but gray and orange are StackOverflow's ...


I had some free time (No actually it's 2:56 AM, way past my bed time). So I whipped this up (Not a logo,but a wallpaper). btw I'm not a graphic designer. But I know how to Google. :D Download PSD and 1920x1080 PNGs Preview Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 PS : See if you can find your username in there.


_____ _____ /\ \ /\ \ /::\ \ /::\ \ /::::\ \ /::::\ \ /Python\ \ /Scala:\ \ /:::/\:::\ \ /:::/\:::\ \ /:::/ \:::\ \ /:::/__\:::\ \ /:::/ \:...


I'm thinking the letters CR, or 'Code Review' with the CR letters artfully accentuated with editing beziers Here are some examples of the style

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