Looks like this is by design. If you go to the very last page of all-time voters on the site, you'll see that anyone with less than 11 votes isn't showing up. You need to vote some more. And then some. Simple as that! ;) Voting generates reputation on the site. For the beta site CR is, voting is like breathing. If we stop voting, the site dies. Don't ...


I just found out, they aren't live yet: @Szabolcs I'm thinking like until mid or late February at the moment. It'll depend a lot on how much new submissions we get. – Grace Note♦ 3 hours ago In the mean time... Let's make more ads!!


How about the following? It's a straightforward, simple, one-sentence approach. Upvote This question provides enough details for review Downvote This question does not provide enough details for review I used "details" instead of "context" to keep the terms simple. This makes it easy for our non-english users or those with not-so-deep ...


Downvote: This question does not show any effort to put reviewers in context, it's not clear what the review is about, what's expected from answers or even whether the code actually works. This question does not provide enough context to reviewers, or is otherwise unclear. Upvote: This question shows an effort to put reviewers in context, it's ...


Let's try to answer the question with science. I created a simple web scraper (yeah, scraping is usually a bad idea when there is API available, but I don't think that's an option here). Trying to ignore some weirdness in the results (probably caused by caching, or something like that; see below), I found out that there are 4 questions that are in questions/...


Note: the feature is still under development. This answer risks being out-of-date the moment I post it. For up-to-date information, see the MSE post "New onboarding for review queues". Is this a bug? Is this a new feature that everyone sees? It's a new feature that everyone sees first time they enter a specific queue. You'll see it (at least) ...


Fixed by removing these highlights from tag excerpts altogether. Details: Unparsed HTML shows on search result page


The original screenshot: The revised version:


The default background on the vote arrows is now clear:


The formatting has been improved as per the suggestion. However, the This question belongs on another site in the StackExchange network close reason cannot be changed as it is universal across all StackExchange sites.

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