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My interpretation of SOs be-nice-policy:
(You really should read "When to vote?" and "Is it okay to downvote answers to bad questions?" too)

Whenever you decide to downvote a post, please leave a comment why you downvote.

Whenever you leave a comment about missing code, typos etc., don't be cynical, sarcastic, or unfriendly in general. A little sarcasm or direct honesty is fine, as long OP really "deserves" it. Otherwise, if OP would know how to ask a good question, they would have done it. Even if they know, this kind of comments is just unnecessary.

Keep that in mind and it's quite easy to be a nice person, isn't it?

Happy coding! :)

Something about JavaScript posts:

Whenever you answer questions about JavaScript, please don't be like that guy.
(Goes for other languages and frameworks / libraries too, of course.)

Also have a look on my favorite JavaScript library. It's fast, easy to learn and you can do everything you can do with any other library too ;).


If you want to contact me, you may do that via my website.


I really appreciate your respect for me, but please don't call me Sir. It kinda makes me feel uncomfortable.

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