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I am pursuing research on Reliable and Scalable UML diagrams at Boston University. My reseach is part of my Master's degree, the thesis of which is on tuning key-value databases for improving query performance.

Earlier, I was involved in setting up the data infrastructure at Atlan. My primary work included building Data Repository and Data Lake.

My research interests lie in building intuitive and perceptive systems using large scale data.

I graduated from Vellore Institute of Technology in June 2018 with a Bachelors of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering. During my undergraduate program, I was selected for the Topological Data Science Research Intern at the University of Liverpool and worked under the mentorship of Dr. Vitaliy. I also conducted collaborative research with Dr. Basab at the University of Manchester.

Besides my academic engagements - I enjoy using technology to solve daily life problems, take an active interest in National and International Politics, playing cricket and football and supporting Manchester United Football Club and FC Barcelona. I also volunteer at Love Heals Cancer.

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