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Post Mortems - Episode I: A new hope
Accepted answer
15 votes

I was not a part of this, so this answer is based only on what the OP has shown us. I am afraid that I may catch a lot of flak for this post, but here is how I see things. Part 1: Embedding Code Let'...

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Are questions about LaTeX documents on-topic?
10 votes

Yes, we should be able to review latex documents. According to our help page, people can come here looking for the following types of feedback: Best practices and design pattern usage ...

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Code Review Blog - Phase 3 - Recruit contributors
9 votes

I didn't know SE actually had blogs! I would be happy to write occasionally and review other people's work. I really liked the idea of reviewing open-source software. Also, I like the idea of ...

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The [java-8] tag, here to stay?
8 votes

If there are major and possibly non-backwards compatible differences between a new version of a language and its previous versions, then I think we should keep the tag. For example, lets look at C++. ...

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What to do if the asker's code contains bugs?
5 votes

This is a subjective call; use your best judgement. But in general: Make sure the OP didn't already specify that this code is incomplete or anything like that. Analyze the skill/experience level of ...

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Why don't people on Code Review use the SE chat system?
3 votes

The link to the chat does not seem to appear anywhere on the Code Review site. To get to the chat, I have to: Google Stack Exchange Chat. Click on http://chat.stackexchange.com/. Find the Second ...

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Is this grossly incomplete code okay?
3 votes

After thinking it over, here are my conclusions: There is, in fact, some code that can be reviewed. I believe the topic-creator posted the code in good faith. He was probably just wanting to make ...

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Is asking for code review on a patch file OK?
1 votes

I'd say try it. If we end up not liking it, we'll update the rules. I like the idea of reviewing a patch file, but reading through a diff file could be messy and as Mark Loeser pointed out, there may ...

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