I've been working with developing / testing for over 10 years now, from Java to C++ to C#, and other languages in between. Currently I work at Microsoft as a Principal Software Engineer in the Microsoft Azure Group. I've worked on different products in the company, including Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) team, ASP.NET Web API, Azure Mobile Services, and now I'm working in the Microsoft Azure team.

I have a technical blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/carlosfigueira, mostly about issues I've seen customers facing with the products I worked on (both from the MSDN/ASP.NET Forums and other non-MS ones such as StackOverflow), where I try to show, most of the times with code examples, how those issues can be solved. I've also posted about issues I've had while working that I think may be useful for others as well.

My other interests include sports and food (see my other blog at http://justfoods.wordpress.com/). To get updates from the blogs you can use an RSS aggregator, or follow my twitter account (which I use mostly to announce new blog posts) at http://twitter.com/carlos_figueira.

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