Michael Wiggins


I like to think off myself as a charismatic individual with the drive to do more. Do more with what? you may be asking...

Well for starters, I'm a beginner software developer, currently holding a total development time of 8 months(including college and current employment), but in this short period of time I've developed my skills to a degree that I am now looking to build a career.


I'm a gamer. All kinds of games fascinate me on an entertainment and technical level. All things from the original MS-DOS, all the way to the current top-end, hardware crushing games currently on the market, I've played the lot.

I'm not all games though, In my spare time I enjoy amateur engineering projects, sports and general time outdoors.


I do not currently have any projects to speak of, but I am making headway on several personal projects currently as a means to improve my skill-set.

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