The tag has 3 questions:

They all happen to be tagged with .

I propose that be synonymised with , with being the parent tag.

For reference, Stack Overflow has the tags separate, and Programmers.SE doesn't even have the tag.


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These tags should not be synonymised.

I will double check the -tagged questions and be certain that they are tagged correctly, but synonymising these tags would actually be quite harmful.

From the Objective-C runtime wiki:

The Objective-C runtime is a runtime support library provided with an implementation of the Objective-C language. Its API allows dynamically creating and configuring classes at runtime, as well as introspecting existing classes, methods, properties, and method implementations.

Very few Objective-C development tasks require interacting with the runtime:

  • Introspecting the runtime environment, for example to produce a live class browser or graph the relationships between classes or objects at runtime.

  • Creating a proxy object to interact with the message forwarding machinery.

  • Dynamically creating classes and methods at runtime, for example, to support a scripting interface.

  • Optimization hacks for repeated message sends, such as hoisting the method lookup out of the loop and calling the implementing function

  • Writing an application without using Objective-C, such as C or C++

That all of the questions are also tagged is only by chance.

As the tag wiki comments, we might need to tap into the Objective-C runtime when we're writing a C or C++ application. I'm not sure exactly why in those languages...

However, this answer of mine on Stack Overflow shows a case of using the Objective-C runtime with Swift. If I were to turn the code from that answer into a Code Review question, I'd tag it with probably.


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